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Why can’t I ever find what I’m looking for? Where should I store this? I don’t have enough storage. My closets are bursting at the seams. I’m embarrassed to have guests over.


How can I make my home more appealing? What do people want to see when they buy a home? Do I really need to rent furniture to do this? Does my home have curb appeal? Where’s my best bang for my buck?


I hate packing! I want to move, but it’s so much work. I don’t know where to start. I’m too busy to think about moving. I’m too exhausted to unpack the boxes.


I’m not excited about this move. Where do I begin? What will I do with my stuff? How do I know what things will fit in my new home? I’m having trouble letting go of my things.

Welcome to The HomeStage Co.

Since 2008, The HomeStage Co. has evolved and become an expert focusing on a Fresh Start for Senior’s in their next stage of life.  We began by helping people showcase their homes to their best potential to list for sale.  In the process, we realized our clients were also overwhelmed with sorting and organizing their home.  As we guided them in de-cluttering, they gained ideas of how to set up, decorate and organize their new home.   However, some preferred that we do this for them, creating floor plans and organizing strategies for the new space.  Many of these clients were seniors in the transition of downsizing their home and moving to a smaller space.  So we began to oversee and orchestrate the entire move from packing, disposing of unwanted items and unpacking, to setting up a move-in ready home.

Today, we are a turnkey solution for anyone having to relocate.  We take care of all those many details, giving you peace of mind.   At each stage there is the opportunity for a Fresh Start.  It is stage by stage, that we simplify your life!

Bernice England

Trained Professional Organizer

Bernice England is the sole owner of The HomeStage Co. Her strong sense of organizing and people skills benefit many clients. For the last 26 years she has gained experience as a co-owner of a ServiceMaster franchise (13 yrs) and then in various volunteer leadership roles within the community.

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What Could a Fresh Start Mean For You?