We all need a helping hand every once in a while.

florecilla A friendly phone call is the first step towards your Fresh Start.

florecilla Seeing your home with fresh eyes that are objective and non-judgemental.

florecilla Listening carefully, we focus on understanding YOU and your situation.

florecilla Finding unique solutions, for your unique situation.

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Still curious about the process, before you call?

1. The PHONE
We start by asking you questions prior to our in home visit.  We ask some specific questions in regards to your request.  But here are some things to think about – what is your budget for solving your problem?  What is the time frame this problem needs to be solved?  How much physical assistance are you able to provide in solving the solution?  What triggered your call for help?

Meeting face to face gives us each an opportunity to get a sense of how it would be like to work with each other at solving your problem.  We will be taking copious notes from our conversation.  We will be taking photos and perhaps measuring space and/or furniture.  We will tentatively discuss our next steps and a time frame for giving you a report.

3. Back at THE OFFICE  
We will prepare your NEXT STEPS report, using our expertise and information gathered from our home visit, which we will email you or deliver to you.  YES there is a cost for this process (excluding Senior Moves) as you are gleaning from our years of experience and knowledge in the field.  At this time, you will have in your hand’s a process that enables you to solve your problem by yourself.  Or you can choose to hire The HomeStage Co. to implement the NEXT STEPS on your behalf.

4. HIRING The HomeStage Co.  
We will write up a Letter of Agreement for Services, which details what we will provide for you and the how the pricing for the job works.  Again we will tailor it to meet each person’s individual circumstance and budget.  A deposit of 20% is required at the time of signing the Letter of Agreement for Services.

We will try to schedule our sessions (minimum 3 hrs) with you that is mutually agreeable, depending on the scope of the project and the urgency of the time needed to complete the job.