The angst in moving is great but when you add the factor that you now need to fit your life into a smaller space, it can be overwhelming!

Don’t worry a minute longer then you need to, because help is just a call away. There are times when calling on professional help is the answer.   Sometimes an objective third party and not a family member helps to defuse any emotionally charged situation.  The HomeStage Co. has years of experience guiding our clients through this process.  We are trained Senior Move Managers who understand the emotional side, as well as the practical side, of sorting through a life time of belongings.

There are so many decisions you need to make during this time, which is exhausting.   Our knowledge of the various ways one can dispose of goods, helps to simplify that for you.

Being proactive and planning ahead to go through this process, will also lessen the stress of the actual move.  So why wait until just before your move date to begin?  Acting now keeps you in control and decisions are not being made in the midst of a crisis.  Taking small steps at a time, will reap the benefits of peace of mind.

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The report outlines the ideal solutions for your specific space.

Downsizing Services Available

Choose ONE (or more) of the services below:

The HomeStage Co.’s main goal is to find new homes for items the Client no longer wishes to keep:

Sorting sessions (minimum 3 hrs)
Arranging Appraisers
On-line Auctions for large volume
Arranging items for Consignment
Packing items to go to Charity of Client’s choice
Packing items to go to Family or Friend
Arranging Garbage disposal only if necessary

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