Estate Clearance

Bernice has been the executor for several estates, so she knows what it is like to be grieving and having to deal with clearing the estate, all the while making sure that the deceased’s wishes are being carried out.   So many emotions come into play, as each person processes the loss in a different manner.  Even when families get along, it seems that at times of death, the smallest thing can set off a misunderstanding.

A Professional Organizer can be of great assistance to an Executor, as they do not have an emotional attachment to the belongings and therefore can sort and categorize items quickly so that it can be overseen and decided upon.  Often there is a time crunch where the deceased’s belongings must be removed from a retirement home suite quickly.  Or the home must be prepared for sale and sold quickly.

The HomeStage Co. has many connections with appraisers, on-line auction companies, consignment stores and charities, that will help the client disburse of items that can bring a monetary value to the Estate or simply give away.

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The report outlines the ideal solutions for your specific space.

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