Is your home or an area of your home in need of an updated, fresh look?  Are you frustrated because one area in your home does not function the way you wish it to?  Does it need to be more multi- functional?

The HomeStage Co. can help you to redesign your room/area so that it is orderly and you are able to use it for the intended purpose or purposes.  At the same time we pay close attention to the details that make for a welcome and aesthetically pleasing space.  We will try to use as much of your existing furniture/artwork/accessories as possible.  Each redesign will be tailor made to suit your needs and budget.

Call us for a consultation on one (or more) of the services from the Home Redesign Package.  We can help you “stage by stage, to simplify life.”

The HomeStage Co. provide a wide range of home redesign services in York Region, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). View our list below for more information on each of our services.


The report outlines the ideal solutions for your specific space.

Home Redesign Options

Choose ONE (or more) of the services below:

Interior colour consultation create a harmonious flow of colour throughout your home.

Exterior colour consultation enhance the exterior surface of your home be it brick, siding or stucco to increase curb appeal.

Furniture placement consultation 
make your spaces open, welcoming and functional.

Artwork/accessory placement consultation create an impact that reflects your style.

What Could a Fresh Start Mean For You?

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