Nothing excites us more than seeing the WOW look on our client’s face as they walk into their new home.   Everything in its place – a bit of familiar and a bit of new – all saying HOME!

Whether you are moving to a smaller or larger home NOW is the time to critically assess your belongings.  In the industry it is called “smartsizing”.  Consider the cost of moving an item(s) to your new space, when it could be given NOW to a family member, or charitable organization of your choice. The time spent organizing and planning NOW will make your relocating less stressful.

The HomeStage Co. is here to assist you in any stage of the relocation, according to your budget. Call us for a consultation on one (or more) of the services from the Home Relocation Package, especially our Fresh Start program.  We can help you “step by step, to simplify life.”

The HomeStage Co. serves the York Region, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


The report outlines the ideal solutions for your specific space.

Relocation Services Available

Choose ONE (or more) of the services below:

  • Sorting and streamlining belongings.
  • Packing.
  • Help with disbursements & disposal of effects.
  • Help arrange delivery of all items for donation (client’s choice).
  • Provide cleaning services.
  • Fresh Start Consultation – help to plan furniture placement; colour choices; kitchen setup; etc., of new home.
  • Unpack at new home.

What Could a Fresh Start Mean For You?

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