So you need to sell your home!  Depending on the length you have lived in your home is probably also the factor that determines how much stuff you have accumulated.   The more stuff you have,  the more overwhelmed you can become because now you have to put it/hide it somewhere so your home doesn’t look cluttered.

Look on the positive side:  here is an opportunity for you to have a Fresh Start!  You can make choices moving forward that will not only help you sell your home but also free up space (physically and emotionally) for your new home.

The HomeStage Co.’s philosophy on staging a person’s home is to be as resourceful as possible using our client’s belongings.  We do supply art work and accessories for rental if needed and have connections with furniture rental companies.

It is amazing what de-cluttering and the rearranging of furniture does – the biggest bang for your buck!  Also that fresh coat of paint goes a long way in sprucing up a room or a front door that says welcome.

Once we have had our Fresh Start Consultation, we will be able to target the exact areas of your home that need assistance.  We have cleaners, handyman and painters that we can refer to help you with services that we ourselves do not provide.

There is usually a whirlwind of activity surrounding the decision to list your house and the actual date of listing your house.  Mostly this is a short window of time and so much to do! You want your house to look it’s best and attract the broadest range of potential buyers.   This will ensure that you sell quickly for the best market price.

You need the expertise of The HomeStage Co. team to help you prioritize what is the best plan of action based on your time, energy and budget.   Juggling all the details for you, will keep you calm!


The report outlines the ideal solutions for your specific space.


Assist client in completing suggestions given in consultation:

    • Streamlining belongings
    • Packing
    • Furniture placement
    • Colour changes
    • Accessorizing with simplicity and style
Provide referrals to and/or coordinate:

    • Cleaning services
    • Storage rental facilities
    • Handyman services
    • Furniture and accessory rental

What Could a Fresh Start Mean For You?

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